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So let me see.
As someone who has spent half their life building up a savings pot for retirement’ I’m now expected to lend my money, at pitiful interest rates, to mortgage borrowers who in some cases are on nil percent.

Factor in that many banks are effectively nationalised, and one must seriously question the competence of this goverment. If we’re going to have nationalisation why are the government allowing this?

It’s largely irresponsible borrowing that’s put us in this mess, why are we encouraging even more of this?

Where’s the equity in any of this?
Yet again in my lifetime has a Labour administration managed to screw up the economy so comprehensively.

Thanks for nothing Gordon.


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If, as the program’s producer and many other critics are saying, the Green Room is not a private, but a public place, given the number of peripheral engineers and other production staff, and more tellingly a work place, why are drinks served?

Surely in these enlightened times no employer permits drinking in the work place do they?

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