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So what happened to Blair’s promises back in 1997 about getting rid of sleaze and bringing in squeaky clean government?

Almost from day one with the Bernie Ecclestone affair we’ve seen just how much lip service was paid to that grand ideal. What we’re seeing and reading about in recent weeks though just about beggars belief. Maybe as all these MPs and government Ministers are telling us, they are all claiming expenses entirely within the rules. Well maybe they are, but that merely brings home the point that the rules need changing.

No, what is really wrong with all this is that they just don’t understand why the public are so incensed. The latest to trot out this claptrap is Geoff Hoon.

Yes Geoff, of course you  may be entitled to claim the sorts of expenses you are, but isn’t there just a tiny bit of your conscience which says, ‘hang on a bit, is it acceptable for me to be claiming expenses for a second constituency home, whilst renting out the home in London that I’ve registered with the authorities as my main home, and all the time living in a taxpayer funded grace and favour home in Admiralty House?

Doesn’t that strike you as just a little bit unreasonable and wrong?


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