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I’m getting a little sick and tired of politicians jumping on the global warming bandwagon, and claiming it’s all due to our burning of CO2. In the UK it’s being used to inflict ever more taxes, fines and laws on us.

When no one can forecast the weather more than five days hence with any certainty, I totally fail to understand the credence given to climate change models which look forward to the end of the century. I was therefore interested to read the following from the Wall Street Journal.

Scientists have no clear knowledge of the cause of the Little Ice Age and of the subsequent rebound; or of the Big Ice Age; or of a warm period when the Arctic Ocean had no ice; or of the medieval warming period. In fact, IPCC scientists do not understand the causes of the rapid increase of temperature from 1910 to 1945; or the decrease from 1945 to 1975, when CO2 levels were rising. Without understanding these recent changes, it is premature for the IPCC to jump to the conclusion that CO2 is the main cause of the last 30 years of global warming.

–Syun-Ichi Akasofu, The Wall Street Journal, 12 September 2007


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