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Alistair Darling, (the nominated UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, although some would allege it is still Prime Minister Gordon Brown who pulls the purse strings), is widely expected to attempt to kick start the economy this week by reducing the standard rate of VAT from 17.5% to 15%.

What of course goes unremarked by the europhile press and political elite is the elephant in the room. Even if Darling wanted to reduce it further, (and let’s face it how many traders will actually pass on a 2.5% points reduction which will involve re-labeling all products), he wouldn’t be allowed to. His hands are tied by his political masters in the European Union. Under the VIth VAT directive the lowest permitted standard rate by any member state is 15%.

Once again we see the powerlessness of Parliament to set laws for the benefit of the UK electors who put them in power. These days about the only real decisions our MPs can take independently of Brussels is what colour to paint the park benches. Why we don’t just pension of the Westminster Parliament and save ourselves a lot of money is becoming increasingly hard to understand.


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So after years of lying to us, and complaining that stories of bent bananas and curved cucumbers  were wicked myths, put about by eurosceptics, the European Commission is today set to remove many of these ‘mythical’ directives from the statute book. Sadly however not all. So whilst the EU commissars are now permitting bent cucumbers to be sold, they are still apparently reluctant to remove restrictions on bananas and several other fruits and vegetables.

At least the truth is now out, and everyone now knows that these mad rulers of ours are as daft as most of us always knew.

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