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All over the UK millions are in the process of changing their pins & passwords. Now, every time they go to the ATM and struggle to remember their new number they’ll be reminded of the reason they had to change it.  Advertisers spend millions to achieve product identification like that. 

The Great Data Disaster, the gift that just goes on and on giving. 


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Gordon Brown is apparently refusing to confirm whether Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, will be re-appointed next year. See Daily Telegraph report

I note that the Bank of England Act 1998, which granted independence to the Bank of England, (ironically one of Brown’s first acts on becoming chancellor in 1997), lays down in Part 1, Constitution and Regulations, paragraph 1(2) that: Bank of England 1998 Act “The court shall consist of a Governor, 2 Deputy Governors and 16 directors of the Bank, all of whom shall be appointed by Her Majesty”.

Why, and where exactly does Gordon Brown come into this independent appointment process? Has he now usurped the Queen?

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