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Latest update 16:00 GMT Tuesday 20 November.  Now we learn following a Commons statement from the Chancellor Alastair Darling, that it’s actually 25 million records, but more importantly, and in addition, 7 million individual bank account and building society records. This is surely about as bad as it could get for Alastair Darling, following his less than stellar performance in recent weeks over the case of Northern Rock. (passim). 

The question has to be asked why was it necessary to physically transfer these records from HM Revenue and Customs to the National Audit Office (NAO)? Can’t the NAO access these records over a secure government network? 

Is Darling’s resignation long off? 

Watch this space. 


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So only today do we learn, nine or ten days later than ministers were told, that HM Revenue and Customs have lost 15 million confidential child benefit records. See BBC web site.

No doubt more of this latest debacle will emerge in the coming days. Let us hope that this latest episode will help to persuade the government to ditch the proposed national identity card and its database. 

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