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Further to the previous posting about the process of obtaining an Indian Visa, (Life’s Irritations…. passim), and the consequent identity fraud risk, I’ve now had a response from my Member of Parliament. I had asked my MP to take the matter up with the appropriate minister, and I was surprised therefore to receive a response, not via the Home Office and Jacqui Smith the Home Secretary, who is responsible for security matters, but from Lord Malloch-Brown who is apparently the Minister for Asia. (I’m not quite sure why we have a minister for Asia, when as far as I’m aware we don’t have a minister for each of the other 6 continents, but that’s by the by). 

Lord Malloch-Brown has written and said that “Officials have however contacted the visa section of the High Commission about this issue. The Indian High Commission suggested that nnnnnn contact Mr Arun Choudhary the First Secretary (Visas).” 

So there we have it so far. In translation the response from government is essentially they don’t think this is anything to do with them, and certainly not the Home Office. And if I think there is a problem don’t bother us, speak to the Indian High Commission. Perhaps I should not be surprised in this week, when we’ve had the debacle of the 25 million personal records of child benefit claimants, their children’s names and addresses and bank account details lost in the post, that the government continues to be so blase about identity fraud risk. I will of course be taking this further and will keep the blog updated.


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