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Good evening,

Tonight, whilst enjoying my usual Friday night beer and curry at home with my wife, and in an idle moment, I happened to read the label on my usual bottle of Abbot Ale. Not something that I usually do since I’m usually paying more attention to savouring its contents.

However, read the label I did, and I was disappointed to read a rather patronising instruction. The small print on the back says: “Please take as much care enjoying our drinks as we do brewing them”, and then in bolder font: ‘Drink Sensibly’ – both words with an initial capital, (why?).

If this is some attempt at political correctness and a desire to be seen as socially responsible, then please drop it. I do not want anyone, and that includes government and manufacturers, to tell me what to do: least of all when it comes to advice about food and drink.If this is some mistaken attempt to get at those who have problems with responsible drinking, – and we all know who we’re talking about here, then please consider this. Those sorts of people are not I suggest the sort who buy Abbot ale, least of all to partake in the comfort of their own home. Such a warning is completely lost to them and just hacks off people like me.

Please review your policy on labeling and let me know whether you will drop this rather silly instruction. Yours etc.,


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Practical skills

A small point today, but one which sent my mind wondering.

The lad from next door found a flat tyre in his mother’s car which he’d been borrowing. Obviously and sensibly he was wondering how bad it was and what should be done. I happened to be passing so had a look and confirmed that there was indeed a puncture, and pointed out the culprit, a screw that had become embedded in the tyre tread. I suggested that it be swapped for the spare tyre and taken to the local tyre fitting branch to be repaired.

I was surprised to realise that he wasn’t sure how to change the tyre. I contrast this with my own youth when ‘messing about with cars’ was something most lads did as part of life, often undertaking simple repairs and changes to components as part of the make do and mend culture. I helped him change the tyre and then went with him to get it repaired.

Of course nowadays, with cars being so complex in terms of electronics, you just can’t fix a car with screwdriver and spanner as in years gone by, and we’ve come to rely on specialists for all sorts of things. The downside is we lose more and more practical skills, and become dependent on others, usually service companies of one sort or another, to fix the problem.

I can’t help thinking that youth is missing something today.

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