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It’s not clear to me why the press, and indeed the Tory party themselves, are behaving so prissily about the suggestion that George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, might have been examining ways in which a donation might be received, presumably legally, by the party. What is wrong with that? Doesn’t everyone in every walk of life think about the effect of future and as yet uncommitted actions?

Much is being made about how donations from foreign individuals, in this case Oleg Deripaska the Russian aluminium king and erstwhile contact of Peter Mandelson, are illegal. That may be so in some circumstances, but not in all. The Political Parties and Referendums Act 2000, section 54 (2) (b), defines amongst other permissible donors, a company that is:

(i) registered under the [1985 c. 6.] Companies Act 1985 or the [S.I. 1986/1032 (N.I. 6).] Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 1986, and

(ii) incorporated within the United Kingdom or another member State, 

which carries on business in the United Kingdom;

It seems to be acknowledged that in this context, Mr Deripaska’s British  company Leyland Daf, (and what could be more British than Leyland), would have been the potential source of any donation.

All of which in my opinion would make any such donation perfectly legal. So why, apart from political point scoring are the press and commentators making such a meal of this?



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And politicians wonder why most of them have a bad press.

Mandelson was the architect of the New Labour project, which heralded the Blair era and which has resulted in the current recession and consequent threats to jobs and pensions, (public sector workers, politicians and Mandelson excepted of course), that most of us are now experiencing.

One of the key manifesto promises back in 1977 when the Mandelson/Blair axis arrived, was the abolishment of the House of Lords. Is there any more rank hypocrisy than Mandelson now being enobled in the very chamber he was presumably dedicated to eradicating?

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Mandelson: up to old tricks?

Gordon Brown must be kicking himself.

After having what most people on both sides of the political spectrum would describe as a ‘good banking war’, he must be ruing the day he decided that in order to bring the Blairites on board, and recover his bad public image, he should bring Mandelson into the Cabinet.

Mandelson is now under scrutiny over his links to the Russian aluminium ‘king’ Oleg Deripaska. In his time as EU Trade Commissioner, Mandelson has apparently had a series of social contacts with the Russian, and at the same time had twice reduced tariffs on imported aluminium, of which Deripaska’s company Rusal was the main beneficiary.

Mandelson of course has form, having previously twice resigned from cabinet. Who would bet against a third resignation?

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