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Ross and Brand

If anything sums up the generational gap, it’s the reaction to the disgraceful episode of the abuse suffered by Andrew Sachs at the hands of Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand in their BBC radio programme. Vox pop interviews yesterday clearly demonstrate that in general the younger generation think there has been a complete over-reaction. They cite the fact that these two ‘peformers’ are always on the edge, everyone ‘knows’ what they are like and that modern comedians must be allowed latitude.

This neatly sums up what a large part of this blog is about: the decline in manners. The plain fact is that a significant and large proportion of the older generation think that Ross and Brand were completely and totally out of order. The BBC received over 10,000 complaints (now 18,000 up 8,000 in a few hours, and latterly well over 35000), which is a phenomenal response on anyone’s scale.

The fact that a large majority have been upset by this is the whole point. It’s no good the younger generation trying to pass this off as acceptable. There are absolute standards in the decent treatment of others and the Ross Brand abuse was completely unacceptable. No ifs or buts, totally and unquestionably wrong.

The BBC itself has a lot of explaining to do so I’ll return to this aspect in another thread.


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Good evening,

Tonight, whilst enjoying my usual Friday night beer and curry at home with my wife, and in an idle moment, I happened to read the label on my usual bottle of Abbot Ale. Not something that I usually do since I’m usually paying more attention to savouring its contents.

However, read the label I did, and I was disappointed to read a rather patronising instruction. The small print on the back says: “Please take as much care enjoying our drinks as we do brewing them”, and then in bolder font: ‘Drink Sensibly’ – both words with an initial capital, (why?).

If this is some attempt at political correctness and a desire to be seen as socially responsible, then please drop it. I do not want anyone, and that includes government and manufacturers, to tell me what to do: least of all when it comes to advice about food and drink.If this is some mistaken attempt to get at those who have problems with responsible drinking, – and we all know who we’re talking about here, then please consider this. Those sorts of people are not I suggest the sort who buy Abbot ale, least of all to partake in the comfort of their own home. Such a warning is completely lost to them and just hacks off people like me.

Please review your policy on labeling and let me know whether you will drop this rather silly instruction. Yours etc.,

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