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Who does the EU think it is?

I am constantly astounded at the interfering nature of the EU, so I’m not entirely surprised to see that the EU’s Court of First Instance is now meddling in the affairs of Microsoft. I though the West was essentially a capitalist society, where people and companies take the risks associated with innovation, for the rewards if their innovations are successful. The EU appears to want nothing of this capitalist ideal.

The European Commission has decided that it’s just not fair that Microsoft is as succesful as it is, and has decided that it needs taking down a peg and fining a massive amount of money.

What’s the problem? Well Microsoft has had the audacity to build arguably the world’s most succesful software product, viz. Windows, and furthermore has had the temerity to build into it a media player. The EU regard this as an abuse of a monopoly since it makes it difficult for other manufacturers, such as Apple with its Quick Time software, to sell their products. The EU apparently want Microsoft to make Windows available without the Media Player.

Of course in true EU fashion, the same sort of logic mustn’t apply in its own house. We never see the EU divesting itself of any of its ever increasing powers, and returning some of them to the member states. The EUs escalator only goes in one direction.

The only other thing that surprises me is the reaction of Microsoft. If it were me I’d tell the Commission just where to get off.
Come on Bill, get your act sorted and don’t be so damned supine.


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