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Aqua lungs for Olympic visitors?

Remember you read it here first. Can you spot the problem?

We learn today that the London Olympic stadium for 2012 is to be sunk 20 feet into a bowl hollowed out in the ground. (1)

The site of the stadium is 15 feet above sea level on the flood plane of the Thames, which at its nearest point is fractionally just over two miles away. The Thames at this point is also 15 feet above sea level.

“1.25 million people are already at risk from flooding by the Thames and a major flood in the Thames Gateway could cost as much as £12 billion. According to the recent Association of British Insurers report, climate change could increase fluvial and coastal flood risk by a factor of 8 to 12 times.” (2)

So in the event of a flood, spectatators on the lowest level of the stadium will be 20 feet under water.

This desperate conjunction of London Mayor Ken Livingstone, and a geographically challenged Labour administration in the UK, is what sadly passes for joined up government in Britain today.

Do these people have no common sense?

(1) Report in the UK Sunday Times:

(2) From the London Assembly’s October 2005 report, “London under threat? Flooding risk in the Thames Gateway Environment


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