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I see the usual suspects on the left are signalling outrage that a failure of a Trident missile after launch from a British submarine on a US test range wasn’t reported to Parliament. Of course it wasn’t, nor should it.

The completely synthetic rage is predicated on the fact that when tests are successful then these are announced and therefore by the same token so too should unsuccessful tests.

The twitterati and those Labour Party socialists who object to the whole notion of nuclear missiles completely miss the point. The whole point about defence systems is that the knowledge that they exist and are succesfully tested is in itself a deterrent. So of course successful tests are announced from time to time (but I doubt all the time), but what’s the sense in announcing to your enemies that there has been a problem.

Does Russia announce that the record tractor production or harvest yields of previous years has suffered a setback this year. Of course not for very good reasons. In the case of Russia because they need to keep the population feeling happy about the ruling regime. It’s exactly the same in not wanting to give succour to your enemies in announcing a failed test, thereby increasing the chances of a miscalculation and an aggressive action by them.



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